The Taft Hill Neighborhood Association

The Taft Hill Neighborhood Association (THNA) is an association of homeowners and renters living on Taft Hill Terrace/Taft Hill Park, in Roslindale, Massachusetts. THNA was founded in 2007 with the following goals:

As our first project, we would like to create a private email distribution list for residents of the street. Only Taft Hill residents will be allowed to subscribe to the list. Members' email addresses will remain private. The list will only be used to communicate about our local issues.

As an additional perk, any Taft Hill resident can have a free forwarding email address. Over the next few months, we plan to add features to this website based on neighbor suggestions.

If you have questions or comments, please contact or

If you are a Taft Hill resident (homeowner or renter), please sign up for the list by providing your information below. Your information will remain private. Please allow approximately 24 hours after submitting your request for your subscription to be confirmed. Each request will be verified to make sure the person is a Taft Hill resident.

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